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New Release!!      THE WAY OF IT

Frances Nail’s distinctive voice is impossible to resist, blending a storyteller’s poignancy with a keen sense of what’s funny.  Born in the 1920s in Memphis, Texas, Nail doesn’t need to invent colorful characters or unforgettable events.  She simply shares them with us—vividly—in this collection of captivating personal essays.

Nail  recounts the thrill of seeing the Graf Zeppelin fly over Memphis in the moonlight on its 1929 world tour, as well as the heartbreak of the space shuttle Columbia’s fall from the sky seventy-four years later.  She takes the reader directly to the back pew of a childhood church as the mad preacher, his “too black hair all teased and greased up,” waves a big pistol in the air shouting “Barabbas! Barabbas! Barabbas was a thief!”  Equally memorable are the modern-day mystics, wise women and keepers of the flame she counts as friends today, in her 85th year.

ISBN: 978-0-9657883-2-8     Paper cover, 95 pages, 13 illustrations, 6” x 9”

Previous Books and Audio Books

Crow in the House, Wolf at the Door

ISBN: 978-0-9657883-9-7

Paper cover, 103 pages, 6½” x 9” x ¼”

15 illustrations by Katy Nail

Essay titles: When Pears & Lilacs Bloomed • The Whiskey Incident & Other Memorable Events • Running Wild • Mad Dogs & Cats • The Wolf at the Door •

Old Friends • Deprivations & Seasonal Traumas • Reading in the School of Hard Knocks • Fred Clark & Kate • My Mother’s Crow • On Being Perfect • Eulogy for Eggs • An Old Regret • Calling to Things That Have Vanished • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Back when I was in journalism school with Frances Nail in the 1940s, I was a lot smarter than I am now and could tell even then that she ought to become a writer. These fine stories show that I was right all the time.

—Leon Hale

Sample illustrations from The Way of It. Pencil drawings by Katy Nail.

Audio Version Available!

Audio book read by the author on 3 CDs, 176 minutes, unabridged. Musical passages by Carrie Rodriguez & David Rodriguez.

ISBN: 978-0-9657883-8-0

God, Cars & Souvenirs

ISBN: 0-9657883-5-0

Hard cover, 168 pages, 6¼” x 9¼” x ¾”

17 illustrations by Katy Nail

Essay titles: Fighting • Junior High Days • Cars • Dream • The Other Dream • Beautiful Bird • The Birds • The Collectors • A Dish & a Bowl • A Widening •

Mothers & Babies • Souvenir • Sewing • Space • Time • Prayer • God

Audio Version Available!

Audio book read by the author on 3 CDs, 225 minutes, unabridged. Musical passages by Carrie Rodriguez & Rushad Eggleston.

ISBN: 978-0-9657883-7-3

I Am Not the Woman I Was

ISBN: 1-57168-722-X  Published by Eakin Press

Hard cover, 164 pages, 6¼” x 9¼”, 14 illustrations by Katy Nail

Essay titles: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine • Eavesdropping • Dangerous Times •

The Eaters • Dear Leon or Old Age or Whatever • Mistaken Notions • The Little Blue Books & Other Bad Influences • On Coming to a Bad End • My Cherokee Kin • Generation Gulf • In That November • Perfect Days • Crazy Spells • On Having the Last Word

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